Resources & Recomendations

If you’re interested in NT studies, here are some of my favourite online (& some off-line) resources:

  • Paula Fredriksen, who graces us all with her academic presence, makes all her publications available here:
  • Mark Goodacre has a very interesting/fun blog ( and also makes his books available here:
  • Sign up to get emails from “Bryn Mawr Classical Review” ( if you’re interested in getting truly intriguing and thought-provoking articles on a near-daily basis (this is one of my favourites!)
  • Keep up with Craig Evans (instead of the Kardashians) and his research at
  • has a plethora of fascinating articles to loose oneself in
  • The “Jewish Annotated New Testament” (NRSV) has a great collection of articles by the likes of Amy-Jill Levine and Mark Nanos at the back, definitely worth checking out
  • “The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ” by Daniel Boyarin is a must-read in every sense of that word
  • “The Jesus Blog” for all the exegetical updates you need in your life:

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