A Change of Pace

Disclaimer: the next couple of posts will attempt to delve into the complicated world created by the intersection of Church and Academia.

I have not posted in a while, mainly because I have been busy with my BA Thesis (now completed…if anyone is curious the title was “The Life and After-Life of Canonical Psalmody: The Role of Psalm 69 in the Establishment of Eschatological Group-Boundaries in the Qumran Community and the Pauline Ekklēsiai” and I had a blast writing it, ergo lack of blogging). I am, however, looking forward to reacquainting myself with my own blog, and as a step in that direction I have decided to spend some time tackling this issue – the intersection between Church and Academia – which I’ve always had a lot of opinions about but not necessarily the courage to let them spill. The anonymity of internet identity has provided me with that courage. So here goes – brace yourselves. I know I am.


Note: I am not going to preface the blog-series with a disclaimer of which religious institution I belong to or how religious I am on some sort of postmodern scale of nonchalance. You’ll simply have to piece it together as I go. May the odds be ever in your favour!

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2 Responses to A Change of Pace

  1. bobmacdonald says:

    Fascinating title. I think someone writing ‘on lilies’ על שׁושׁנים has given you much scope for such a thesis. Have you noted your thesis to Sue Gillingham at Oxford? She is in the final throes of a huge work on reception history and you appear to be exploring reception history in that critical period.


    • rebeccarunesson says:

      Thank you! I will be sure to look up her research. Reception history seems to be on the fast-track to becoming our field’s most interesting and multi-faceted approach!


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